Mind, Body, Spirit Private Coaching

I want you to radiate with vibrant health and luminous vitality…

  • cultivate a lifestyle that you feel passionate about
  • fall in love with your body and fully trust yourself
  • learn to nourish yourself wholly and completely
  • communicate with your intuitive guidance
  • become your own shaman, your own medicine healer
  • wake up everyday with an abundance of energy
  • feel eternally youthful
  • experience true integration and the power of your divinity

My clients come from all over the world, from various backgrounds, cultures, ages and experiences. Some have come to me through illness and/or addiction, while others discover that they crave a lasting change and have spent so much time looking outside of themselves for the answers that they are no longer connected to their intuitive voices. As such, my clients seek the support of a guide, who can help to lead them back to their own, innate definition of optimum health.

Though my work draws from the principles of ayurveda, yoga, holistic, wholefood nutrition, meditation and my own personal life experiences. I do not believe in preaching a philosophy but working with you to co-create a lasting lifestyle of health and vitality centered on your specific needs and goals.

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