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Flat OR Fabulous?

If a flat bum is something you struggle with, fret no more.  This amazing bum workout will perk them up in no time and it all starts with some incline cardio. Incline Treadmill Workout Play around with incline to find a truly challenging level. Warmup: Walk for three to five minutes at incline of six Continue Reading...

30-Minute Fat Torching Circuit Workout

It’s no secret that circuit training is the way to go for high-level fat burn.  It keeps your heart rate pumping and your body moving through resistance, aerobic, anerobic and body weighted movements thus working to shape muscle and torch fat simultaneously. The Low Down: Circuit training is a quick and efficient workout that works Continue Reading...

30 Minute Hardcore Swimming Workout

Did you know that a 120lbs woman burns an average of 300 calories for 30 minutes of swimming? Now that it’s getting hot and sunny its the perfect opportunity for one of the best cardiovascular exercises ever. Swimming is incredible because of the fact that it is a solid full body workout without the impact Continue Reading...

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