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Signs of Overtraining: Train Smarter Not Harder

We have all heard the motto, “No pain, no gain.” Well, more is not always better. Training can be very rewarding and exhilarating, but over-training can be very draining and taxing on the mind and body. We all believe that the increased effort and time we put into training creates for better results. Whether you Continue Reading...

Burning Fat – Myths and Facts

A popular myth is that there is a specific range of heart rates in which you must exercise to burn fat. Even many cardio machines display a “fat-burning zone” on their panels, encouraging people to exercise in a specific heart rate range. Have you ever wondered if you really have to exercise in a specific Continue Reading...

Performing the Perfect Rep

This is probably one of the most important pieces of information that you will ever read regarding weight training.  Many of these points, you may already know and practice but perhaps there are a few that you have overlooked, or are aware of but do not implement.  All I know, is that once I really Continue Reading...

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