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I am a Mind, Body, & Spirit Coach, WholeFood Alchemist, Yogini and Spiritual Gangster.

I appreciate when things fit into little boxes but get frustrated with the form of the box itself.

I believe in truth and see beauty in, well, pretty much everything.  I believe that all living beings have a right to be free and experience vitality and that health is a definition that must be written by each of us individually.

For many years I was in search of my purpose.  Not so many moons ago, I stopped searching and guess what?  My purpose found me.  The interesting thing was that it didn’t feel like I thought it would.  It didn’t fit neatly into a designated box nor did it have a title, it was more of a feeling or rather, a fire.

Synchronicity became the lipstick that marked the labyrinth floor, wounds were licked, scars celebrated and my years of pain, sabotage and suffering transformed into sacred breadcrumbs, sprinkled upon dark forest paths, in the hopes of guiding others back to the fork in the road where the may have perhaps taken a turn that went against their intuition.

I was guided through my own peril and now I am a guide.  Once I discovered this, my fire wanted to set ablaze the fire that lay dormant in others due to ill-health, spiritual dis-ease and a lack of self -love, so that they too may experience its warmth, passion and urgency.  My little teeny-weeny goals suddenly metamorphisized into big, juicy, game changing goals.  It wasn’t just about me anymore.

The message was clear: Do everything you can to guide humans back to their innate, intuitive definition of health and balance so that they can vibrate at the powerful frequencies they are meant to.

I have discovered that my fire manifests through my understanding of nourishment body, mind & soul, the alchemy of creating healing recipes, tonics and potions out of nature’s raw abundance and teaching others to do the same, wild compassion for the human emotional and energetic system and a great respect for humanity and the divine. 

Oh, I’m a writer too.  Published, which I’m told gives me cred.  So there it is.

I feel most comfortable in the forest.  And I lose track of time…a lot.  I birth, re-birth, and transform with the cycles of the moon and this is the undercurrent of my natural rhythm. I am curious about what love feels like inside the caverns of another heart. Oh, and sometimes, I don’t ever come to a point. The recipes I create begin in my dreams and they are my art, my devotion, my medicine and and one of the ways in which I communicate.

My intention is to offer, in complete devotion, the wisdom and knowledge that I have been blessed with in my life in the hopes that it serves to elevate, inspire, yummify, and illuminate your journey to radiant health.

And now for the fancy part…

Zain is an Ayurvedic, Holistic & Sports Nutritionist, Internationally Certified Kundalini, Sivananda and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Personal Coach who currently lives in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, where she uses her personal experience and knowledge to guide her clients to a balanced, healthy place within their minds, bodies and spirits.  She works with those who are struggling to overcome weight issues and/or self-esteem issues, eating disorders, serious illness and those who are looking to  gain a greater level of overall health.  In addition, Zain leads Kundalini Fire Full Moon Ceremonies in Vancouver on sacred land, where women come together to release that which no longer serves and unite in support of one another’s growth and healing as well as other yoga workshops and classes all over the world.

She is the innovator behind successful yoga, fitness, lifestyle blog, Eve Post Apple, where she shares about her journey through recovery from Anorexia and how she maintains a life of health and balance.

Zain has built a strong presence in the world of wholefood, raw, vegan and vegetarian nutrition with her acclaimed signature recipes and videos.

Zain is a featured yoga teacher and chef on My Yoga Online, an panel expert and contributor for SUNWARRIORand will be sharing her teachings this summer at Wanderlust Whistler!

Her most recent features include: My Yoga Online, Yoga Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Off The Couch Special Issue, Fat Loss Issue,  CTV, Tosca Reno’s Blog and the Vancouver Sun.




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