Pitta Dosha


When you think of the qualities of Fire and Water, these are exactly the qualities that Pitta has.

Pitta is:
Hot, Sharp, Light, Moist, Oily, Fluid, Sour smelling

The main function of the Pitta dosha in the body is metabolism. Pitta is responsible for transforming (metabolizing) one thing into another. Pitta digests everything that we take in – be it food, emotions, sensory impressions, etc.

People with a Pitta Ayurvedic Body Type tend to be of medium build with verysharp minds and intellect. They can be incredible leaders, scientists, lawyers, and teachers. However, they tend to push themselves too hard and can be over-ambitious. They often feel warm and prefer cool weather. They have a very strong digestive fire and seem to be always hungry.

When out of balance, they tend toward extra heat in the mind & body, which might show up as anger, excessive sweating, red rashes, eczemas, blisters, hyperacidity, or burning pain anywhere in the body.

When you have Pitta in your constitution or currently have a Pitta imbalance (too much Pitta), you will be experiencing many of these characteristics, but probably not all.

To help you figure out what is your Ayurvedic Body Type, take the Ayurvedic Body Type Test 

Do You Need to Balance Pitta?

  • Do you feel hot and sweat easily?
  • Are you often thirsty even though you seem to be drinking enough water?
  • Do you have problems with heartburn or acidity?
  • Do your eyes get easily red and/or irritated?
  • Is your skin inflamed, sensitive, or red?
  • Are you critical (towards others and/or self), impatient, irritable?
  • When you work on a project, is it hard for you to stop?
  • Do you often feel frustrated?
  • Do you get yourself into arguments easily?

If you have answered yes to many of the questions above, then your Pitta is high and you would greatly benefit from balancing it. 

How to Balance Pitta Dosha

        The most important quality for balancing Pitta is



      Most Pitta imbalances come out of too much heat (in the mind and/or body). Other qualities that balance Pitta are heavy and dry.

Another important concept for Pitta to be aware of is moderation. Since Pitta is very intense, usually moderation is incredibly difficult to maintain (and often not desired). Keeping moderation in mind can eliminate many Pitta imbalances.

Following a Pitta pacifying diet is very important. From this list, focus mostly on foods that are in the Pitta Favor column.

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