Kapha Dosha

When you think of the qualities of Water and Earth, these are exactly the qualities that this dosha has.

Kapha is:
Heavy, Oily, Cool, Static, Soft, Stable, Slow

The main function of the Kapha in the body, is stability and structure. Without Kapha (like without mud) things would not hold together, they would fall apart.

Kapha Ayurvedic Body Types have bigger builds and bones, and lubricated joints. Their skin is thick and oily with less wrinkles, but sometimes more acne. They often have luxurious, thick hair. They are strong and solid physically and emotionally,with great immunity.

It takes a lot of effort to get Kaphas upset.

They tend to move slowly, but steady and are very reliable. It may take them a while to make a decision, but once the decision is made, it’s set in stone.

They don’t like change.

They are loyal friends who are always there for you.

If you have lots of Kapha in your constitution, you probably prefer warm, dry weather and not too much movement.

In many ways, Vata and Kapha are opposites, except that they are both cool (warm quality balances both Vata and Kapha).

When out of balance, Kapha tends towards accumulation (weight, water, possessions, clothes, etc.), congestion, dampness and lethargy. Kapha people often don’t like to throw things away. Anytime you have a hard time of letting go – of emotion, partner, old sweater you don’t wear, etc. – you are expressing a Kapha quality.

When you have Kapha in your constitution or currently have Kapha imbalance (too much Kapha), you will be experiencing many of these characteristics, but probably not all.

To help you figure out what is your Ayurvedic Body Type, take the Ayurvedic Body Type Test 

Do You Need to Balance Kapha?

  • Is your digestion slow? Do you feel heavy after meals?
  • Do you seem to accumulate weight just by looking at food?
  • Are you often congested with lots of mucous?
  • Do you like to sleep a lot? Do you often wake up tired?
  • Would you rather sit on the couch then move?
  • Does your skin often feel damp?
  • Is it hard for you to deal with change?
  • Do you feel unmotivated to do anything, almost depressed?

If you have answered yes to many of the questions above, then your Kapha is high and you would greatly benefit from balancing it. 

How to Balance Kapha Dosha


light, movable

        , and

hot (sharp) 

      balances Kapha.

If you have lots of Kapha dosha in your constitution, you will greatly benefit by daily exercise.

Following a Kapha pacifying diet is very important. From this list, focus mostly on foods that are in the Kapha Favor column.


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