30 Minute Hardcore Swimming Workout

Did you know that a 120lbs woman burns an average of 300 calories for 30 minutes of swimming?

Now that it’s getting hot and sunny its the perfect opportunity for one of the best cardiovascular exercises ever. Swimming is incredible because of the fact that it is a solid full body workout without the impact of running and lifting on your joints so even if you are healing from an injury, you can still have a great workout.

(adapted from livestrong.com)

Beginner Workout

  • Warm up for 10 minutes by flutter kicking with your back against the wall.
  • Start swimming with a crawl stroke for one lap (25 yards) and rest for one minute. Repeat this exercise for 5 laps
  • Tread Water for 3 minutes
  • Basic Backstroke for one lap
  • End the workout by treading water for one minute
  • 3X25 pushups, 3X50 situps, 4X20 squats

Intermediate Workout

  • Warm up with flutter kicks for one minute or dolphin kicks with your back against the wall.
  • Follow this with face-down dolphin kicks for one minute against the wall or across the width of the pool.
  • To finish the warm up, swim one easy lap with a crawl stroke for 50 yards.
  • Start the main set by swimming three sets of 50-yard laps (2 laps), including a half-minute rest after each lap. Aim for laps with continuous kicking, such as the dolphin kick, backstroke flutter kick, backstroke or crawl.
  • Complete the set with a 50-yard timed lap of kneeling dives, crawl strokes or freestyle stroke.
  • Cool down with two 25-yard laps of easy swimming, such as the scull or backstroke.
  • 3X25 pushups, 3X50 situps, 4X20 squats

Advanced Workout

  • Start your workout with one set of freestyle strokes for 200 yards using alternate breathing and one minute of rest.
  • Continue with two sets of Individual Medley (IM) strokes for 100 yards with one minute of rest after each; four sets of freestyle strokes for 50 yards using alternate breathing on the first 25 yards, with 30 seconds of rest after each 50 yards.
  • End the workout with four sets of easy laps using any stroke for 25 yards. Cool down with two 50 yard laps of easy flutter kicks.
  • 3X25 pushups, 3X50 situps, 4X20 squats

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